“. . . And I’m one step ahead of the shoe shine

Two steps away from the county line

Just trying to keep my customers satisfied


– From “Keep the Customer Satisfied” Lyrics by [Newark, NJ native] Paul Simon Simon & Garfunkel Album: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Did you know that 75% of 2013 Princeton area market home buyers were not only from our state but the vast majority moved from within our local market? Moreover, Central NJ continues to show particular strength among communities providing amenities that consumers are seeking such as mass transit access, great schools and walkable destinations. These comments by Jud Henderson of Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty were presented during the “2014 Real Estate Forecast” panel discussion moderated by Tom Gates of Mortgage Master, Inc. earlier this week.  The program was organized by the Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce’s newly formed Real Estate Business Alliance. The overall Princeton Area Market (Commercial and Residential) is forecasted to be positive for 2014 with lower than state average unemployment in the region, leading to a more positive consumer outlook vs. last year.

At the national level, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) continues to write new mortgage rules and tighten the regulations governing the closing process. This is the year for “Back to Basics” announced CFPB Director Richard Cordray.  Do the math on Qualified Mortgages (QM) and Ability To Repay (ATR). How has buying a house changed?  Next up is a thorough re-examination of the closing process.  Read more >>>

While we fret over the changes in store, here are some fun facts about New Jersey:

  1. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the diner capital of the world.
  2. New Jersey is a leading industrial state and is the largest chemical producing state in the nation.
  3. Natives of New Jersey include: Jack Nicholson, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Count Basie, the aforementioned Paul Simon, Jason Alexander, Queen Latifah, Shaq, Judy Blume, Aaron Burr, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, Joe Pesci, Danny DeVito, Grover Cleveland.
  4. Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world.
  5. The first baseball game was played in Hoboken.
  6. The first intercollegiate football game was played in New Brunswick in 1869. Rutgers College played Princeton. Rutgers won.
  7. New Jersey has 108 toxic waste dumps –  the most in any one state in the nation.
  8. New Jersey has the highest population density in the U.S. with an average 1,030 people per sq. mi., which is 13 times the national average.

Remember the beginning, We aim to keep the customer satisfied.  We will continue to provide an Information Bridge Over Troubled Waters.