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Why Title Insurance?

Title insurance is an indemnity policy that insures against loss resulting from defects of title to real property that result in a challenge to your ownership, unknown liens, encumbrances or other defects, unmarketable title, as well as from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage liens depending on the type of policy being purchased.  For a valuable overview, watch this video.


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Title Village is a New Jersey title agency providing the full range of real estate information and settlement services for attorneys, lenders, homeowners and commercial property owners. We provide state-wide coverage of residential and commercial properties, while taking great pride in our reputation for delivering exceptional time-sensitive and attentive services to our clients. The firm’s team of knowledgeable professionals is led by Richard Eland, president, who brings over 25 years of real estate legal experience and deep relationships with clients, underwriters and industry contacts. Read More

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Help prevent wire fraud attacks

Did you know that title companies reported an increase in wire fraud attacks by almost 5 times during 2016? What are the common scams? How can businesses protect themselves?  What do you do if you are a victim? These important questions and more are addressed by the American Land Title Association in this article from  Read More

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San Francisco-based Chime Techologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, recently unveiled two new major innovations along with its one-year anniversary. The launch of the game-changing features—an AI-enabled smart dialer and a fully autonomous drone—reflect Chime’s journey to become a complete operating system that transforms the business of doing real estate by integrating  Read More

The richest town in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties

When we usually have a “wealthiest towns” list, we usually rank all of the towns and municipalities in the state to come up with our top 20. While it is a legitimate way to figure out where wealth is concentrated in the state, we do tend to miss the wealthy municipalities within a county. Where is  Read More

The Next Job Humans Lose to Robots: Real Estate Appraiser

Advances in big data at Zillow and elsewhere are helping automation creep into knowledge-based professions.  (July 11, 2017: by Joe Light, Bloomberg) Read more.